San-O-Agri Light is a locally produced Hypochlorous Acid product, that is a blessing to anyone struggling with mold on their plants during flower and while drying. It is safe to use during these times because it contains no nasty chemicals or poisons, and LEAVES NO RESIDUE behind.

The “Light” part of San-O-Agri Light means that the concentration of Hypochlorous Acid in the product makes it safe to spray on plants without any worries, while still being very effective.


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San-O-Agri Light (200 PPM) is a sanitizing solution specifically formulated for your agricultural needs. It is 100% natural, biodegradable, organic, and eco-friendly while being highly effective again infectious bacteria, mold, fungi, biofilms, algae, and viruses.

San-O-Agri Light is completely safe for humans, plants, and animals. Due to high demand, this product has been specifically tested for its efficacy against Botrytis and powdery mildew.

The contents of this product are purified reverse osmosis H2O, NaCl (Salt), and HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid). Using the correct dilutions (as provided) this product can be used to treat irrigation/hydroponic systems, for indoor growth surfaces/media and apparatus, as a foliar spray during all plant growth stages, and even for post-harvest treatments, including drying, of all fruits, grains, and vegetables, no rinsing required.

San-O-Agri Light is free from alcohol, ammonia, bleaches, sulfates, copper, phenols, sulfur, iodophors aldehydes, pesticides, fragrances, and silicone.

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