The MeacoDry ABC 20L Compressor Dehumidifier is the perfect solution for large homes. It is an inverter friendly appliance due to its low energy consumption and therefore costs, offering an economical alternative to a tumble dryer. With a 20L capacity, it can effectively remove condensation and damp and helps to prevent mould growth and musty smells in a 5 bedroom home.

Keep your bills low – costs less than 66c per hour to run at R2.56/kWh
Eliminates moisture, reducing damp, humidity and condensation
Inverter Friendly Laundry Mode- Cost R2.50 to dry a load of washing at R2.56/kWh vs R8.06/load with a tumble dryer
Dedicated sleep mode for quiet night-time use
Handy features including child lock and off-timer
Comes with castors for easier mobility


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Introducing the MeacoDry ABC 20L compressor dehumidifier, the perfect solution for larger homes seeking efficient and cost-effective humidity control. Building on the success of our smaller 10L and 12L models, this dehumidifier uses environmentally-friendly R290 refrigerant to effectively extract more humidity from the air for less money.

Setting up and using the MeacoDry ABC 20L is simple, thanks to its variable humidistat which allows you to choose your desired target relative humidity between 30% and 80% in 5% increments. The clear display keeps you informed of the current humidity levels, while the child lock prevents any accidental changes to the settings.

This super-quiet dehumidifier features a sleep mode to minimize noise levels, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for you and your family. In addition, the one-touch Laundry mode lets you dry your clothes quickly and efficiently for only R2.50 per load, saving you money on electricity bills. Customers have reported that the Laundry mode is a great option when drying laundry indoors, especially during load shedding when tumble dryers are not an option.

The MeacoDry ABC 20L has a large 4.8 litre tank, with a clear indicator to let you know when it needs emptying. Alternatively, it can be connected to a hose for continuous drainage. With extraction rate data accurate down to 10°C, it is also suitable for use in unheated spaces like cellars, utility rooms, gun safes and garages.

Investing in the MeacoDry ABC 20L gives you added peace of mind, with a standard two-year warranty which can be extended to five years. Say goodbye to power-hungry tumble dryers and hello to efficient and cost-effective laundry drying with the MeacoDry ABC 20L dehumidifier.

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