The use of Kelpak provides cost effective yield increases by enhancing root development, which results in:

  • More efficient utilisation of nutrients and moisture in the soil
  • Improved drought resistance with quicker recovery
  • Improved resistance and recovery during flooding
  • Stabilisation of the plant with more rapid and uniform establishment
  • A healthier plant with increased disease resistance
  • A reduction in Nematode infestation
  • Reduced leaf scorch when jointly applied with calcium sprays




Auxins are natural plant hormones produced in a plant’s shoot tips and translocate downwards. One of its effects is to signal a plant to increase its root growth.
Cytokinins are natural plant hormones produced in the root tips and translocate upwards. One of its effects is to signal a plant to produce more and larger foliage.

While most plant growth stimulants make use of high Cytokinin levels to temporarily promote top growth, this does little to improve the roots of the crop, often resulting in an unbalanced plant.

Kelpak, through its unique extraction process, contains a very high Auxin to Cytokinin ratio. This Auxin domination stimulates vigorous primary and secondary root development in the plant, thus enhancing the plant’s own hormone production leading to an improved crop yield

Soil Dosage: 1ml per plant, but not more than 25ml per m2. Dilute up to 250ml water and apply to soil around plant or just after transplanting.

Foliar Spray: Dilute 1 part Kelpak to 500 parts water (eg 10ml in 5L water). Spray plant at 3 – 4 weekly intervals.

Directions: Shake well before use. Apply in the early morning or late afternoon. Use as supplement to normal fertilising programmes.

Warnings: Store in cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Destroy empty container.

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500ML, 1LT