1. Make sure your BulldogPress is situated on a strong level surface.
2. Plug in your BulldogPress with the cable provided.
3. Place the handle provided into the 5 Ton Jack.
4. Turn the Pressure release button to the left, if it’s too tight use a pliers, the plates will then release. (Only tighten the Pressure release button when ready to Press).
5. Your press is already set to a standard 90 degrees Celsius, wait for it to regulate both plates to 90 degrees Celsius. (Temperature will go a bit higher but will regulate back down)
6. Tighten the Pressure release button to the right.
7. Place your product in the Silicone paper and place in the centre of the heated plates. Stick the Magnet provided on the top of our press holding up the Parchment paper to view your rosin extraction.
8. Slowly jack the Handle up and down till plates touch your flower.
9. Pull out the lever, then tilt the press till it is resting comfortably on the lever.
10. Keep pressure there for some time allowing the trichomes to melt before applying full pressure.
11. Place a Silicone mat or Parchment paper under the plates to collect rosin.
12. Press product to a maxim pressure (do not overkill) and then tilt the Press Back to normal standing position.
13. Release the plates by turning the release button to the left.
14. Remove the Silicone paper and place it on a cold surface.
15. Use your Dab Tool Provided to carefully remove the Rosen off the parchment paper.
16. Place your freshly picked Rosen into your Silicone Tub Provided and store it in a cool place.
You can use your Micron bags Provide for Bubble hash, sugar trimmings or bud. See instructions provided or check out www.skullskreens.com
When you need to set PID to different temperatures please see enclosed manual.


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Introducing our latest 12 Ton BulldogPress D200
Plate size 200 x 100mm.
12 and 16mm Thick steel.
Wider opening between plates.
Custom size bags and Silicon paper will be available to fit plates, as well as 70 micron bags.


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Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 46 × 26 × 61 cm