Superior Peat-Based Substrates for Professional Horticulture The ready mix sowing Peat moss substrate has a controlled pH level , it is enriched with a starter of 0.6 kg/m3 fertilizers and others extra micro-elements which provide at the first stage all necessary elements needed. Pindstrup Substrate with medium fertilizer content containing a pH5.5-6, 100 % dark peat; ideal mix with Vermiculite and use to sow your seeds or use to transplant your seedlings. water absorption capacity is very high comparing to other region substrate products. Therefore, substrate peat is very well suited for: Greenhouses Nurseries Professional gardeners Landscaping professionals Hobby Gardeners, etc The mixture should not be too wet nor too dry. Test to see if the mixture is right by squeezing a handful of the mixture into a fist and if a few drops come out and it holds its shape then the mixture is correct. Nutrients added: Nitrogen (mg N/l): 140 Phosphorus (mg P2O5/l): 160 Potassium (mg K2O/l): 180 Magnesium (mg Mg/l): 100 + all necessary trace elements & Iron EDTA chelate pH value (H2O, v/v 1:2.5) : 6.0



  • R670.00