Dirty Hands Orgasoilux is a premium organic artisan hand crafted living potting soil. It has been specifically designed for growing cannabis but works well for any heavy feeding annuals such as maize, potatoes, tomatoes and brassicas. The mix of compost, cocopeat, sphagnum peat moss (sustainably harvested), perlite and earthworm compost/castings gives an excellent soil texture which drains perfectly while still holding the correct amount of water. The compost, castings, raw nutrients and minerals mixed into the soil will provide enough food for the plant and soil microbes for 3 – 6 months depending on the plant. Orgasoilux has also been designed to be reused, by simply adding a top dressing of the Elemental Blend ~ mineral and nutrient pack. To enhance and unlock the full potential of Orgasoilux it is recommended that a beneficial root fungi – mycorrhizal fungi be used when transplanting (note this is not needed for the brassica family due to a different microbial community in their rhizosphere). Mulch is also highly recommended as it performs various beneficial functions on the soil from insulation and pest deterrent to providing a slow release of nutrients.



  • R280.00