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Over 20 years’ experience in the horticulture industry.

We offer a wide range of supplies such as Hydroponic/Aeroponic Systems, Plant nutrition, pH control, Growing Mediums, Grow tents & many more…


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Wide Range of Premium Hydropronic Products

Our range covers all forms of horticulture with a variety of different products from many of the leading brands in the industry. Shop these brands for the highest quality Hydroponic, Aeroponic and traditional growing equipment.

About Grohydro

We are a South African based company that specializes in the distribution of horticultural supplies, offering you the best possible solution for your needs and helping you achieve the best crop possible. Our range of products covers all forms of Horticulture supplies and equipment having partnered with many recognizable international brands who are very proud to introduce their products into the South African market.

Having been in this industry for over 20 years, great relationships have been formed between ourselves and our partnering brands. We can ensure the best quality for your grow!


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